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About Us


End IL Prison Lockdown Coalition

Originally named the End IL Prison Lockdown Coalition, we formed in direct response to the Illinois Department of Corrections' (IDOC) failed policies to stop the spread COVID-19 in its prisons. Throughout the first year of COVID-19, incarcerated individuals in IDOC were not only suffering from alarmingly high rates of the virus, but extreme and unending lockdowns. We came together as a group of activists, loved ones of the incarcerated, and incarcerated individuals working to end the lockdowns, safely restore in-person visits, and advocate for mass release. 

2021 & Beyond

The Coalition to Decarcerate IL

After a year of organizing direct actions, trainings, and fighting for the physical and mental health of our community members in prison, we came to the conclusion that our work is far from over. Though the lockdowns have eased, in-person visits have been restored, and programming is returning, the overall cruelty of prison remains. As the Coalition to Decarcerate IL, we remain committed to educating people on prison issues and fighting for the rights and dignity of incarcerated people and their loved ones. 

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