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 There is a water crisis in Illinois prisons. 

“Shawnee water looks grayish, but turns clear after sitting for a while. It smells bad. I only really smell it when in the shower. And tastes like powder. We have access to water by commissary every two weeks. One pack of water with 28 bottles, is $12. The heat is run very high, forcing us to sweat and drink more water at night to stay hydrated. They are not giving out any free water or filters. Water problem extends to the showers”

Individual Incarcerated in Shawnee Correctional Center

Illinois prison infrastructure is deteriorating. Legionella bacteria, which can cause Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal type of pneumonia, was found in the water at Stateville and Joliet Treatment Center. We demand humane conditions and releases NOW!

 Take Action. 

Tell Governor Pritzker to take urgent action NOW!

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